FlexTiles Virtual Platform now available on OVPworld.org

The virtual platform used for the demonstrations on several workshops and on the final review meeting is now available on OVPworld.org:
FlexTiles Virtual Platform on OVP-World

The provided platform supports and is tested with the Imperas20150205 release and enables the use of external graphics hardware devices as input and output to validate image and video processing applications with Open Virtual Platforms. The available peripherals are compatible with and validated against the corresponding Xilinx devices on the ML-605 and the additional DVI-card of the SMT-166 board (the FlexTiles hardware emulator platform).

The platform consists of:
- A 6 tile platform description (OVPsim_microblaze_Linux.exe)
- A folder with several additional and platform specific peripherals
- A dynamic multitile loader (mb1.elf)
- Two memory images with a susan application (memory.img) and a pixelate application (memory_pixelate.img)
- A settings.h file in which the platform can be configured
- A makefile which calls all related makefiles in the Peripheral folders
- A sample input image and two python scripts which convert ppm or pgm into argb needed for the algorithms (note: you have to delete the “header” before calling the scripts to avoid a wrong offset.
- A monitoring core code which synchronizes with the loaders on each tile

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