Partner n° 1 – THALES TRT (France)

THALES Research & Technology (THALES) operates at the corporate level as the technical community network architect, in charge of developing upstream and THALES-wide R&T activities, with vision and visibility. In support of THALES applications, THALES mission is to anticipate and speed up technology transfer from research to development in Divisions by developing collaborations in R&T. THALES is international, but Europe-centred with corporate Research and Technology centers in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The R&T activities concentrate on critical information systems, processing, control and cognitive systems, and autonomous systems. The Embedded System Laboratory involved in the FlexTiles project is part of the Information Science and Technology Group. The experience of the team encompasses parallel architectures design and programming tools, such as SIMD architectures for image and signal processing and in reconfigurable architectures. The laboratory is also involved in studies on distributed operating systems for hetegeneous manycore architecture.

THALES coordinated the FP6 IST “MORPHEUS” project on reconfigurable technology, and was highly involved in the associated programming toolset. The team was also involved in the FP6 IST FET “AETHER” project on self adaptability technologies and coordinates national projects on MPSoC architecture and tools like the Ter@ops project (Pôle de Compétitivité System@tic) dedicated to the design of a MPSoC for intensive computing embedded systems.

Key personnel to be involved:

Dr Fabrice Lemonnier is a senior Research Engineer with the Embedded Systems Lab of THALES Research & Technology (TRT). In 1996, he received the PhD degree from Ecole des Mines de Paris for his work on dedicated architectures for image processing, specifically mathematical morphology segmentation. His main research activities are in the area of multi-processor embedded architectures (FPGA, MPSoC). He was coordinator of the Ter@ops project (Pôle de Compétitivité System@tic) on MPSoC architecture and tools. Before joining TRT, he worked on software interface standardization for military avionic modules (RTOS and communication) for THALES Airborne Systems and on parallel architectures for images processing for THALES Optronics.

Olivier Prevotat is a Business Development Manager at THALES. Olivier holds an Engineer Degree from the University of Paris-Orsay and an Executive MBA from the ESSEC Business School in Paris. He joined the THALES group in 1991 and worked as Development Engineer, Sales Manager and Projects Manager in three different THALES entities. He also worked for two years in a Greek SME. Olivier has a ten-year experience in managing EC projects of all types (IP, STREPs, CSA, Marie-Curie …) and has dealt with nearly all types of administrative and contractual situations. Olivier can rely on a team of seven experienced professionals all having extensive background in managing EC projects (administrative, legal, financial, contractual aspects).

Philippe Millet, Ph.D. is a senior Research Engineer and Project Manager at THALES Research and Technology (TRT), Embedded Systems Lab. His main research activities are on multi-processor embedded architectures both in hardware and software fields. Before joining TRT, he has worked for THALES Air Defense. He was in charge of a development Studio for programming real-time applications on a parallel computer. He has worked deeply in both hardware and software communication protocols (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP…), self tests, fault tolerance, real-time systems, System on Chip architecture, FPGA designs, optimisation and parallelisation of applications, mapping and routing algorithms and web servers. In 2005 he received a Ph.D. from the University of Orsay on the comparison between three search space and stochastic optimisation algorithms (a genetic algorithm, a genetic programming algorithm and a simulated annealing) to solve process mapping on parallel machine.

Jimmy Le Rhun is a Research engineer for THALES Research & Technology France within the Embedded System Lab (LSE). Jimmy obtained in 2002 a M.Sc. degree in Electronics and Embedded Systems at Ecole polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes, France. For 6 years, he worked in the firmware team of THALES Optronique, focusing on low-level software development for DSP and validation of image processing algorithms in FPGA. He took part in several projects involving soft-core CPU in FPGA, from single-core as soon as 2002 upto large SIMD arrays. Joining TRT in 2008, he was in charge of the middleware design for the Terapix and Teraops projects, and currently of the integration of an hardware operating system for the Fosfor heterogeneous reconfigurable multicore platform. His research interests include parallel architectures, dynamic FPGA reconfiguration, hardware/software interactions, and operating systems for heterogeneous multicore systems-on-chip.

Christophe Clienti is a Research Engineer with the Embedded Systems Lab of TRT. He received a PhD from Ecole des Mines de Paris in 2009 for his work in embedded architectures for image processing using mathematical morphology. In the past, he participated in European projects such as Medea/PICS in the field of high performance embedded computing. His main research activities are in the area of multi-processor embedded architectures on FPGA from the hardware description to the mapping of signal processing applications through compilation techniques. He is currently involved in two French projects FREIA and SoCKET and in two European projects Modern and Synaptic.