Partner n° 8 – SUNDANCE (United Kingdom)

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd, Chesham, Bucks, England was founded by Flemming Christensen, current MD, in 1989. It’s now an employed owned company with 14 people in Chesham (United Kingdom) and Sales Office in France, USA, Italy and China. Sundance design, build and test a range of products based on TI DSPs and Xilinx’s FPGAs. The company has a long list of University customers and the back-bone of its revenues comes for long-term OEM customers, some of them for more than 15 years.

SUNDANCE has the capability to design/assemble PCBs down to the smallest commercial components and the largest FPGA. Through AOI systems, it offers customers a full facility functional test prior to shipping.

The company current team of engineering is currently made of 2 Hardware Engineers, 1 Software Engineers and 2 Test/Debug Engineers plus a Managing Director as conceptual Design Engineer.

SUNDANCE has been designing “Parallel Scalable Multiprocessor” building-blocks for the past 20 years and building system with more than 50x Processor Nodes. It has experience with Texas Instrument Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and is one the few commercial companies that offers “Commercial Off-The-Shelves” products using the latest Multi-Core DSPs and has been invited to contribute to the latest generation of “KeyStone” MultiCore DSPs from Texas Instrument.

Key personnel to be involved:

Flemming Christensen, Managing Director, Conceptual architecture of Sundance’s Modular Parallel Processing solutions since 1989. Involvement in the FlexTiles Project will be during specifications stage and on-going contributions during development cycle and hands-on implementation of the FlexTiles tools to the Sundance platforms. Management and introduction of concept to potential Customers/Partners.