Management Structure

General Assembly:

The General Assembly will consist of one representative of each Partner duly authorised to deliberate, negotiate and decide on all relevant matters as defined below. The General Assembly will act on its own initiative to formulate proposals and make decisions in accordance with the set out procedures. In addition, critical proposals made by the Executive Board will also be considered and decided upon by the General Assembly.

Executive Board:

The Executive Board will consist of the Coordinator and all of the Work Package Leaders managing RTD activity as designated at the FlexTiles proposal preparation stage. The Executive Board will be responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly. The Executive Board will then monitor the effective and efficient implementation of FlexTiles. To do so, the Executive Board will collect information at least every 6 months on the progress of FlexTiles, examine that information to assess the compliance of the Project with the Annex I and, if necessary, propose modifications to the General Assembly.

Work Package Committees:

A Work Package Committee will consist of one representative of each Partner involved in a Work Package. Each Work Package Committee will manage the respective Work Package, in particular with regard to the timely delivery of reports and Work Package results to the Executive Board and the Coordinator.

FlexTiles Work Package Leaders:

Participant no. Participant organisation name Leader of Work Package no.
6 CEA 3
3 KIT 4
4 TUE 5
10 RUB 6
5 CSEM 7

IPR Manager:

The IPR Manager will be in charge of all issues related to pre-existing know-how, management of knowledge, protection and publication of the project results in relation with the Dissemination Manager. Therefore, the IPR Manager will be in charge of managing IPR activities arising from the Project such as patents, but will also make sure that the general intellectual property rights clauses defined in the European Commission model contract and FlexTiles Consortium Agreement be respected.

The IPR manager will oversee the Project partners so that they take appropriate measures to ensure adequate and effective protection of knowledge in conformity with the relevant legal provisions, the applicable contractual provisions, as well as the legitimate interests of the concerned participants. Regarding publication, in connection with the Dissemination Manager, the IPR Manager will implement rules so that the publication of information does not affect knowledge protection, the partners’ confidentiality or their commercial interests.