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Right before the 52nd Design Automation Conference (DAC 2015) Imperas Software Ltd., leading supplier of High-Performance-Software-Simulations, anounced a press release about the FlexTiles Virtual Platform and its availability on the Imperas Library Pages on OVP-World:
FlexTiles Adaptive Multicore SoC Virtual Platform Now Available From Imperas

alternative link on Imperas Website

FlexTiles Virtual Platform now available on

The virtual platform used for the demonstrations on several workshops and on the final review meeting is now available on
FlexTiles Virtual Platform on OVP-World
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Final Report – Public

EU-FP7 FlexTiles Project -
Final Public Report

“Self-adaptive heterogeneous
many-core based on Flexible Tiles”

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Videos of Presentations at ARC2015-Workshop now online

The presentations given during the Workshop at the ARC Conference in 2015 at RUB were recorded. The videos are now available at our YouTube-Channel.

Year 2 Report – Public

2.1 Introduction

The goal of the FlexTiles FP7 project is to develop a dynamically reconfigurable heterogeneous many-core platform and the tools to program it.

The first year of the project was dedicated to the definition of what the whole platform has to be:

  • Definition of the technology to use
  • Hardware and software interfaces and interface between the two.
  • Definition of the background of each partner
  • Definition of the way how to build a consistent platform that covers the application needs.

To do so, the whole consortium worked in common to share the same view, defining a solution from programming down to hardware, which turned out to be harder than expected. We had to work longer on managing dynamicity in the platform.

During the second year we have solved the issue on managing dynamicity and updated deliverables according to the technical solutions we then defined. Read more…

Sundance launches SMT166 dual-FPGA development platform; powers EU’s FP7 FlexTiles 3D SoC project (PRESS RELEASE)

Photocaption: Sundance SMT166 block diagram Photocaption: Sundance SMT166 dual-FPGA platform

Chesham, UK – 13th January 2014.  Sundance Multiprocessor Technology, a pioneer in scalable and modular computing modules for embedded solutions, has launched the SMT166 dual-FPGA platform for R&D into the use of large FPGAs for high-performance reconfigurable computing and large-scale embedded systems applications as well as system-on-chip (SoC) simulation. At the same time, Sundance has announced that the SMT166 has been chosen as the prototyping platform for the European Union’s FP7 FlexTiles 3D SoC project, placing it at the heart of leading research into self-adaptive, high-performance computing. Read more...