The partners of the FlexTiles project have agreed to make the results available to third parties. The conditions for this access are to be discussed with the individual partners. The results include both foreground and required background. Each partner is responsible for making available his own IP. Please refer to the ProjectStructure/PeopleContacts web page for email contacts.


The results include:


  • TRT: SpearDE: graphical development environment for streaming applications in a heterogeneous parallel architecture
  • ACE: CoSy: streaming compiler converting nested loop program to synchronous data flow (SDF)
  • TUE: SDK for the GPP
  • CSEM: SDK for the DSP
  • UR1: SDK for the eFPGA
  • KIT: SimplifyDE: web front end for hardware/software design
  • KIT: OVP simulator of the FlexTiles platform
  • TUE: application bundle creation
  • TUE: automated hardware generation flow for multicore heterogeneous composable platform


  • KIT/TUE: Virtualization manager
  • TUE: Resource manager
  • TUE: Composable operating system
  • TUE: sample application: SUSAN
  • TRT: sample application: license plate detection


  •  Xilinx: GPP
  • TUE: Composable GPP node, NoC, NI
  • TRT: accelerator interface
  • CSEM: DSP accelerator
  • UR1: eFPGA accelerator, dynamically reconfigurable FPGA architecture
  • RUB: assembly of the hardware blocks onto Xilinx FPGA for the FlexTiles emulator
  • SUNDANCE: hardware of the FlexTiles emulation platform = FlexTiles Development Board (FDB)
  • SUNDANCE: DVI interface
  • CEA: 3D assembly of stacked dies